Monday, February 9, 2009

Auto Refresh a Page in a application with a given Interval

Place the HTTP-Equiv="Refresh" attribute to the Meta tag of the page. and at content attribute set the interval value. and for url attribute give the page name to which it is required. I'm showing a sample below. Place this in Head tag of the Page.

< META HTTP-Equiv="Refresh" CONTENT="Time in Seconds Goes Here; URL=SampePage.aspx">

The biggest problem with the "refresh" meta-tag method of page-refresh is that it can add to the visitor's page-history on various versions of browsers. This means that for each automatic page refresh/reload your site visitor must select the browser's back button. This potentially can be a considerable bother to your visitors as well as confusion.

The preferred refresh method is "JavaScript Refresh"


priya said...

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priya said...

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