Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Difference between Datagrid , Datalist, FormView

All these controls are ASP.NET data-bound controls

The DataGrid control renders a tabular, data-bound grid. This control allows you to define various types of columns to control the layout of the cell contents of the grid (bound columns, template columns) and add specific functionality (such as edit button columns, hyperlink columns, and so on). The control also supports a variety of options for paging through data.

FormView class provides a standard MMC Windows Forms view. It allows the result pane to be populated with a Windows Forms control.

The DataList control displays rows of database information in customizable format. The format in which the data is displayed is defined in item, alternating item, selected item, and edit item templates. Header, footer, and separator templates are also available to let you customize the overall appearance of the DataList. By including Button Web server controls in the templates, you can connect the list items to code that allows users to switch between display, selection, and editing modes.

Mansoor Ali

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